Saúl Mejía

Entrepreneur and Business Consultant

Saúl Mejía

Business Leader and Consultant with over 20 years of experience at local, City, County, State, Federal and International business. He has worked with such companies as Viacom, Sears Holdings, Montgomery Wards, Macy’s West, Aegon, Method Campaigns, Hollywood Entertainment, Best Buy, AT&T, US Bank, T-Mobile, Target, and McDonald’s.

Mr. Mejia has experience in Business, the entertainment industry, Public Speaking, and Government.

Mr. Mejia is currently the President of the Panorama City Chamber of Commerce, a film executive producer with the Joe Williamson management Company, On-Air Personality for the “Business This Week” show on KROJ 101.5 FM, Member of the United Chambers of Commerce, Member of the Valley Industry & Commerce Association (VICA), Member of BizFed (Los Angeles County Business Federation), Member of the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce, and International Representative for Ingeenio.

He is a former TV host and Elected Business Representative of the Panorama City Neighborhood Council (City of L.A.) where he also served as the Commerce Committee Chair.

Mr. Mejia has been featured on the San Fernando Business Journal, Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Daily News, Estrella TV, Telemundo, Univision, ABC 7, and Fortune Magazine.

A Trusted Source

Mr. Mejia has earned the reputation of being a reliable source of information regarding business and it is constantly invited to multiples venues, forums, and TV programs to inform the community and promote the well-being of all business.

Employees Trained

Business Served

Returning Clients

Satisfied Customers

A Trusted Business Leader

As a business leader Mr. Mejia has been praised and recommended by entrepreneurs, personalities and leaders such as Cecilia Bogran (Univision), Guillermo Ahumada (Estrella TV), Sean Hashem (Greenbridge Investments, Billy Ruvelson (The Icon Company), Raj Saini (Boost Mobile), Brent Anderson (SAG AFTRA President, Texas), California State Senator Bob Hertzberg, California State Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian, LTC. Ted Mc Donald (U.S. Army, Retired), Joe Shammas (U.S. Navy Commander, Retired.) and many more.


Business Trade With Mexico Consulting

If you are interested in doing business trade between Mexico and The United States, Mr. Mejia can make that a reality.


Mr. Mejia Can teach you all you need to know to market your business or image as a professional at multiple levels, creating an impact that leads to more clients. Mr. Mejia has several years of experience in publicity and marketing to fully bring your business to the next level.

Investments in film

Mr. Mejia can help you invest in the film industry and besides the potential financial rewards of film investment, investors are treated to VIP tickets for film festival screenings, promotional parties, and prestigious red carpet premieres. Naturally, investors will be more involved (to varying degrees) in the film production process and get to interact with the producers, directors, and cast.

New Business Starter Package

Mr. Mejia can provide a consultation to help you obtain a fictitious business license, get a tax ID number, obtain an address and a website.

Small Business

Mr. Mejia can provide small businesses with competitive bidding strategies, business plan assistance, and business development consultations to make sure your business is successful.

Publick Speaker/Presenter

Mr. Mejia can provide services of public speaking and presentations at your next business meeting or event. Mr. Mejia has several years of experience and was trained by Toastmasters International.


Meeting Mr. Mejia has been one of the most enriching events of my life. Mr. Mejia was one of the first people to encourage me to pursue my own business. His professionalism and dedication are only surpassed by his desire to help others. It is inspiring to work beside Mr. Mejia and a great honor to have him in my social circle.

Jorge Mendez

CEO, B&O Business & Tax Consultants

Mr. Mejia does an excellent job of engaging his Chamber members and helping them with their business challenges, is simply an honor to work with great people such as Mr. Mejia

Jacqui Matsumoto

The Valley Economic Alliance

It is quite a pleasure to work with Mr. Mejia, he is always ready to go above and beyond to make sure everything goes according to plan, I am honored to work quite often with this professional and caring person.

Joe Williamson

CEO, Joe Williamson Management Company


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